Frequently asked questions


Our mission is to redefine the estate agent market and deliver greater value and choice to property sellers. We believe that the sales process can be more streamlined and more cost-effective for sellers. We are giving sellers the power to choose how much control and involvement they want in the sales process, while at the same time delivering exceptional value.
We provide all the services provided by a traditional estate agent. We visit you for a face-to-face property valuation, we prepare professional floor plans and photography, advertise your property on and and provide a For Sale sign. We then help arrange viewings and negotiate the sale of your home.
Yes, we are a business founded by estate agents with over 15 years experience in the industry and we are fully registered with the Property Services Regulatory Authority (PSRA).
The biggest difference between us is cost and value. We are an online business and so we don’t have expensive high street units or company vehicles. As a result, our overheads are considerably lower, meaning we can pass on these savings to you. You can also decide how much control you want to have and how much you can afford to spend. There are no hidden costs and no tricks.
Estate agents charge anywhere between 1% and 2% of a property sale price. On top of that marketing expenses will add an additional €300 to €500 for a house of average value and up to €2,000 for a higher-end property. With YourBricks you can sell your property for just €799 including VAT. For this price you get everything you need to sell your home. Read more on how our fees compare with traditional estate agents here.


Over 95% of buyers search or for suitable properties. We will prepare professional ads for both of these portals as well as provide a For Sale sign. We will also match your property with our database of buyers.
That’s up to you. Our service is designed to make all aspects of the sale as efficient as possible, including viewings. We help arrange all viewings for you via the YB platform. No one knows your home as well as you do, so it makes perfect sense for you to show potential buyers around your home. However, if you are not comfortable running your own viewings, we can do this for you.
When a buyer wants to view your property, you will immediately receive a message with details of their request. You can choose to accept or reject a viewing request.
With YourBricks all potential viewers and buyers will need to register and go through a verification process before requesting a viewing. You can see the results of this in your account on the YB platform.


Yes, if the seller is managing their own viewings you can contact them securely via the YB platform at any time.
You simply click on the 'Arrange a viewing' option on the property detail page, and from there you can select a suitable time from those available.
To make an offer simply click ‘Make an offer’ beside the property ad listing. You will need to answer some screening question regarding your buying position if you haven’t already done so.